Haiyaaa…! Nang Bo Ti Nang…!

Aku jumpa laporan ni dalam The Star Online hari ni—

100 ex-Malaysians march to press for British citizenship

LONDON: More than 100 Malaysian British Overseas Citizens (BOCs) staged a peace march yesterday as part of their campaign to lobby for British citizenship.

Most of them are from Penang and Malacca who had renounced their Malaysian citizenship but now find themselves stateless as they are not entitled to British nationality.

They are part of over 500 BOCs in Britain who are in a quandary after being misled into giving up their Malaysian passports as a route towards acquiring British citizenship…

Pulok… Barangkali semasa relinquish Malaysian citizenship tu, masing-masing bercakap keluar ikut hidung. “I am no more Malaysian. I am now proudly the Queen’s subject of Great Britain.”

Barangkali selepas tu, masing-masing kembali bercakap keluar ikut mulut. “Haiyaaa…! Now what aaa…? Don’t play-play you know…! Now where to go maaa…?”

By law of the Queen’s land of Great Britain, my good man, you can go to the Queen’s prison. Nevertheless, you may, if you so wish, my good man, apply to revert to being a humble Malaysian citizen.

6 Respons to “Haiyaaa…! Nang Bo Ti Nang…!”

  1. bodoh la….

  2. huhu padan muke demeh………

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