Tag: Kisah Cinta Ke Jenjang Pelamin

La Signora sudah tag sama aku daaa… Memula sekali mesti letak gambar kahwin. Nak bagi “feel” katanya… Oh… syahdu sungguh… (although for “feel” purposes I’d rather choose amorous-inclined type of photos but fortunately I never recorded any such photos since I was busy in the act… hehehehe…)

"Berapa banyak gambar lagilah si cameraman ni nak snap? Tak reti-reti ke orang nak privacy segera ni? Dah le yang ni aku memang tak pernah rasa lagi... Ciszzz...!"

Lepas tu kena jawab soklan-soklan di bawah ni ha. Okey le… moh kita—

(1) The first time you met her and where.
First tiime saw her while we were both working on Ekspres Rakyat Butterworth-S’pore-Butterworth back in 1990. She did the Butterworth-KL shift, and me the KL-Singapore. We didn’t exactly “meet” for I was merely admiring her from afar. Officially “met” (as in “dating”… you know…) her on 4 September 1990. She was already working at SJMC then. On that date at around 7:30 PM I’d be on my way to London Heathrow, UK.

(2) Love at first sight?
Lust at first sight is more like it (probably due to the uniform… eheks…) At least that’s what I thought on the very day I saw her but when I boarded the airplane to the UK on 4 September the feeling and emotion was still there and lasted throughout that long period over a long distance. So I guess it was actually, and had actually been, love after all.

"Pernah tengok orang menikah?" tanya Tok Kadi. "Pernah," aku jawab. "Dalam cerita P. Ramlee."

(3)Who is she when you first met her?
I had no idea. I just know that she was a staff in the KTMB contractor for the buffet coach, just like I was, and was then having a relationship with a TC (the KTMB Ticket Conductor). And, oh ya… she was gorgeous and she had the figure and looks that fits exactly my taste! Yummy… ehem…

(4) (The original tag question was “How long does it take for him to ask you out for a date?” I’m not sure if I have to modify this question a bit because she never asked me out for a date. She was then going steady with the TC. It was me who actually asked and persuaded her like an idiot to have a date… the only date prior to my leaving for the UK)
Since the first time I met her, I already knew from colleagues and friends that she had been dating the TC, so I just sent her letters through friends, some of which she did respond. On the morning 4 September 1990 I finally asked her out, thinking it would be the first and the last time I ever had the chance of meeting her in person. I bought her a music box as a gift, for her to remember me as one of her admirers (yes, she had lots of admirers then, I was told). The music box plays the song Memories.

(5) First place you went for a date?
Subang Parade. Hey… Subang Parade was among the place for courting couples then, okay! Besides, it was located near to her office (SJMC) and home (she lived in SS18 Subang Jaya then). So logistically easier for me to send her home and return in time to go to the airport using my dad’s car.

"Nama suami: Hmmm... siapa ek nama betul dia? James Bond? Jeffry Zain?"

(6) How did he propose? (I guess I had to modify this question to “How did I propose” because that’s what happened)
When I returned from the UK, we continued dating. She broke up with the TC shortly after I left for the UK (yes, we continued contacting each other through letters and once in a while, telephone, when I was abroad). I proposed to her by asking her something that sounds like “So, bila agaknya kita boleh kahwin ek?” Since her reply could not be inferred as anything in negative, then I assume it was in affirmative.

"Puuuhhh... minta-minta le muat... minta-minta le muat!" "Kalau tak muat ni, entah cincin untuk jari marka mana dia dah silap belikan ni!"

(7) Special date with her?
Are you kidding? All of them!

(8) Changes she asked you to do?
If she did, then she wouldn’t have been my wife today! Eheks… One of the reasons why I wanted her as my wife was because she never asked me to change anything! Not like any of the girls I dated before (and also during my courtship with her… syyy…!!!)

(9) What is it about her that you love so much?
Apart from her gorgeous body? Ekekeke… Well… I’ll put it this way — it would be impossible for me to find what I don’t love about her… eheks. But the very thing that triggers me to decide that she would be the one who I’d love forever was because she was the only girl then who I couldn’t get into her pants before marriage! Syyy…!!!

"Hangpa aja la yang buka hadiah-hadiah ni nooo...? Kami dah ngantuk sangat dah ni... Boleh naaa...?"

(10) What is it about her you would change?
If there’s any, then she wouldn’t have been my wife until now. Nothing for her to change at the moment, but I guess in the next 10 or 15 years to come, probably her cooking style — her cooking should taste less delicious for the sake of both of us!

(11) You lost your mind and crack your head when she…
…gets jealous… Damn… it’s not easy to detect the real cause(s) of her jealousy though… but frankly… she’s sexy when she’s jealous, and that really drives me crazy. It’s also good once in a while to make her jealous so at least I can have my mind working after a long week at the office! Eheks…

(12) You will smile through your eyes for the whole day when she…
…does her exclusive actions and positions the night before… hmmm… Dah tu? What do you expect??? I AM a MAN, you know!

"Kenapa semua air teh-o je? Tak ada Milo ais ke?" aku rungut dalam hati. "Kalau dia kata teh-o ni tak sedap, aku patut baling piring ni kat dia atau minta cerai aje ni?" bisik hati Permaisuri beta... agaknye... eheks...

(13) Complete the sentence: “My love for my wife is as big as…”
…I don’t know. Have never made comparison of the such.

Now, as you’ve probably guessed, I’m supposed to select another victim. The victim has to be married, of course. I therefore select these unfortunate souls… eheks…!—

Good luck!


18 Respons to “Tag: Kisah Cinta Ke Jenjang Pelamin”

  1. YAY!*tepuk tangan gembira* got gambar-gambar somore!Ni memang ‘feel’ abis!

    Rupe²nye, lu pun PJJ (percintaan jarak jauh) ek?Ha ha ha.Anyway, gua doakan lu dan permaisuri dan anak² bahagia dan diberkati Allah senantiasa.

  2. pheewit..wa ekslusif ni belum pernah tengok gambar-gambar ni kat blog lama !
    Selamat Tahun Baru, Encik Adzam dan keluarga 😀

    • Meen! Lama tak dengar khabar? Memang tak letak kat mana-mana web pun gambar-gambar kahwin ni. Ada banyak lagi. Since dalam tag dah minta gambar dan memang sesetengah gambar dah siap scan lama sebelum ni, wa bubuh je laaa… eheks…

      p/s: Naik KL tak bebila? Pesta Buku Mac – April nanti.

  3. wuaaargghh..! kenapa aku? kenapa akuu? tak koser aaahhh nak jawab..:D

    wahhh.. sungguh mahal gambar2 ni… letih tu nak scan.. So kerana itu aku tak sanggup nak selongkar lemari cari album dan scan…

    Tunggu jer lahhh…

  4. hehehe..gamba muda2

    ok..boleh dikatakan pada zaman tu anda agak kacak=b

  5. habih la,kembang la dia si faizul puji…..

    mau senyum sampai ke telinga nampaknya,balik umah belek muka…….

    • Sebenarnya aku rasa bersalah sangat bila dipuji dek Faizul gitu… sebab pujiannya tidak benar sama sekali… sebab dia sekadar tengok gambar je… kalau dia tengok real life masa tu, pasti pujiannya jauh lebih banyak 37 kali ganda… ohhh… aku rasa bersalah kerana dia tak dapa melihat kacak dan tampanku yang sebenar… ohhh…

  6. ekekekekeke… i like this i like this!!!! Kem salam kat Zazah! Lama tak jumpa dia…. lama tak borak dengan dia….. lama tak dengar dia kutuk hang…… kutuk2 sayang!!!

  7. Pernah aku bagitau ko, nama bini ko nak sama dgn nama aku?

    So kalu ko tau dan sedar dengan jelas yang bini ko memang lawo… so macam tu ler jugak aku… haahahaha…!

  8. Hanya membuat pita biru saya mengirim pada khayalkhayal.wordpress.com , yang tampaknya menjadi sebuah forum yang indah !

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