Reminiscence Prelude… Again…

Not sure whether I’ve written this before but the title is a sure fact that I have used it in the university’s publication almost twenty years ago. And it was about emotional trepidation and the predicament of flourishing love and affection. Well… It was more about heartbreaks and the such.

I can’t remember much about the details of what I wrote therein but I am pretty sure that I did not mention that heartbreaks are — like any other things that aren’t celestial nor divine — part of life cycle. And being a cycle, such situation or emotional predicament returns after it has gone, and will continue to return and leave as long a we still live. Despite having said to and keeping on reminding ourselves that we would never ever repeat any errors in life that would lead to such penitential and dismal circumstances, and that we would take all the necessary preventative measures to not enable any possibilities of such to happen again, we are yet just another human being. As I said, we are but any other things that aren’t divine. We can only plan.

And I strongly believe that every event is a prelude to what will become our life reminiscence. These things will always happen and we know it. They are here with and within us whether we like it or not. They are here for reasons that we can only speculate. The smarter side of our personality would go further by learning some lessons from the results of our speculations.

But nothing… nothing can neither stop nor prevent from anything to happen, though it has happened before. And it is such that makes our life nothing but merely a living being waiting for its time to be questioned about what we have learned in a lifetime…

2 Respons to “Reminiscence Prelude… Again…”

  1. aik gua rasa gua dah komen dah hari tu….


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