To Live is to Change

My friends know that I like to change jobs and I confess that it is true. Some of my friends and colleagues and most probably my staff too also know that I am kind of uncomfortable with routines and this is what that always made me muddling with well established things or methods which to most people are already proven to be successful and require no more changes.

I confess that I mess things up sometimes because I like to meddle with them but I never leave those mess unrepaired. Nothing is perfect and therefore everything can be improved no matter how well it has worked all the while. That probably explains why I really despise those who are complacent with what they have been doing for many years and have inexplicable fear to make changes.

Living is when there are changes. Even the dead change. So when I feel that I am fighting a losing battle for change against those who resist it, I opt to withdraw. Is that giving up? A friend of mine used to tell me so. But I have never found a reasonable ground to agree with her. Changes are for the benefits of everyone, particularly those who are affected directly thereby. So if they don’t want the change, I have no business to force them so.

I strongly agree that we don’t simply change things for the sake of change. We don’t. But that doesn’t mean we should not continuously evaluate everything around us including ourselves to determine what change is necessary so as to improve whatever it is that needs improvements. And yes, I am a strong believer that everything can and should be improved continuously.

We cannot be comfortable with what we currently have. It makes us weak. I don’t like to change attitude. It’s too personal. It’s up to individuals to change, to be changed, or to be the change. As for me, I would really love to be the change. But I am only human. I can merely try to be. When I couldn’t here, I try it elsewhere.


4 Respons to “To Live is to Change”

  1. gua terharu..

  2. ramzibaik Says:

    next time let lazy people do da dificult job,coz they will fine an easy way to do it..huhu

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