Reminiscence Prelude… Again…

It’s almost the finale of 2013. And yes I too have a few objectives I’d love to realize in 2014. Should I use the SMART concept that will subsequently be supplemented with SMARTER? Poyo je kut… Uhuk!

There will be, insyaAllah, a new member for the family. Which means that I have to find ways to manage family finance more efficiently cogitating the severe economic inflationary escalation rate next year. Change lifestyle, say the foolhardy nincompoop from upstairs. Oh yes, I will change mine. And yours? It’s easy for you to say when every sen you spend comes from the hard-earned money payable as taxes for the people upstairs to maintain their and their families profligate lifestyles. Yup… Up yours! Ask not what the country can do for you because the country is nothing but a piece of soil on the face of the earth. Ask the people who manage that piece of soil then. What the heck are they doing to that small piece of soil upon which they share their livelihoods with other decent natural beings?

Okay Dzam, stop complaining. It’s time to get on with life – yours and your beloved ones. The ultimate purpose of life is demise anyway. Now that is the greater purpose, which I am yet to prepare, for myself and those whose undertakings and liabilities are upon me. Yet I am increasing the number of my responsibilities by an addition! Aiyaaarrrkkksss…! But fear not for such could also be syafa’at for me, right? If, and only if, I lead them well. Dang…

Change, or be changed, or be THE CHANGE. Live in the now. Cherish the past. And for the future, bring’em on!


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